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Over 25,000 homes insulated.



Moulded Foams have insulated in excess of 25,000 home ground floors with is certified TDeck EPS insulation system.

We have seen a significant increase in our construction business, which is directly related to ever-changing building regulations and increases in new-build construction. As this market has grown along with the introduction of new legislation in terms of insulation and air management regulation, so too have we created a number of insulation products that focus specifically on meeting these challenging demands.

The first and most-significant product to have been developed in accordance to these new demands is the Tdeck XT Thermal Flooring system, a BBA-certified suspended floor. The system is a lightweight EPS replacement for concrete blocks that were traditionally placed between concrete floor beams to provide insulation. Our foam blocks offer superior insulation values in a suspended ground floor and are able to lock tightly between the beams and are therefore perform better than just concrete alone. They are also much easier to install and result in less waste on site compared to other systems.

Nigel Smith presents Litecast MD Mr J Leroux with milestone trophy

Nigel Smith presents Litecast MD Mr J Leroux with the trophy to commemorate the 25,000 homes milestone being reached.

Working in conjunction with its partner, Litecast, a manufacturer of concrete beams, Moulded Foams deployed its dedicated design centre to create the innovative blocks. Thermal and compression testing was undertaken internally enabling the business to validate the impressive performance of this innovative system. “This system has been designed to fit accurately around the pre-stressed concrete beam to ensure there is limited cold bridging,” says Nigel commenting on the importance of working closely with Litecast. “We have really benefited from the cross-mergence, synergies and experience of the two businesses working together which has resulted in this great milestone, of having supplied insulated ground floors for over 25,000 homes being reached.”

“This was the first projected milestone, which we have achieved in less than eight years and we see the next goal of 50,000 homes being met in a fraction of the time,” notes Nigel.



Insulated over 25,000 homes


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