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Full Steam ahead in Peterhead

Following on from the  purchase of the Peterhead Box shape moulding business in 2014 Moulded Foams can now announce the installation and complete renewal all of the main services for steam, air and water as well as the full replacement of all of the key items of manufacturing equipment, including pre- expanders, compressors, water pumps and water tanks. These improvements then culminated in the recent commissioning of two brand new state of the art moulding machines and a central vacuum system along with a range of new tooling for the most popular range of its EPS fish boxes. The recent addition of these two new presses now replaces all of the presses inherited back in 2014.

This £400k re-investment is again testimony to the commitment from Moulded Foams to its local markets in Scotland to continue to service all of its customers in full on time, every time.

Operations Director for Scotland, Craig Gillespie reiterated “that the upgrade to the services along with the new moulding machines enables the business to be increasingly efficient and hence maintain a supply of top quality products at fair prices”.

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Relocation of Scunthorpe site

Moulded Foams are pleased to announce the completion of its move from the old Menasha Way site in Scunthorpe to a bespoke 60,000 square foot site at Abbey Court, just a stones throw away.

The business at Scunthorpe had outgrown the old site and had been looking for a larger shell for some time, following several years of continued growth. The new site has been wholly purchased and offers both customers and staff further reassurance that Moulded Foams will be manufacturing cellular foam, close to its markets for a long time to come.


Moulded Foams Scunthorpe20151123_1346161510


Alongside this sizable investment has been the purchase of new moulding machines and service equipment to further boost the efficiency and  production capacity of this bespoke site. The move was completed seamlessly during the summer months of 2015 with no disruption to its customers and is testament to the continued reinvestment in the business from its owners.



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Over 25,000 homes insulated.



Moulded Foams have insulated in excess of 25,000 home ground floors with is certified TDeck EPS insulation system.

We have seen a significant increase in our construction business, which is directly related to ever-changing building regulations and increases in new-build construction. As this market has grown along with the introduction of new legislation in terms of insulation and air management regulation, so too have we created a number of insulation products that focus specifically on meeting these challenging demands.

The first and most-significant product to have been developed in accordance to these new demands is the Tdeck XT Thermal Flooring system, a BBA-certified suspended floor. The system is a lightweight EPS replacement for concrete blocks that were traditionally placed between concrete floor beams to provide insulation. Our foam blocks offer superior insulation values in a suspended ground floor and are able to lock tightly between the beams and are therefore perform better than just concrete alone. They are also much easier to install and result in less waste on site compared to other systems.

Nigel Smith presents Litecast MD Mr J Leroux with milestone trophy

Nigel Smith presents Litecast MD Mr J Leroux with the trophy to commemorate the 25,000 homes milestone being reached.

Working in conjunction with its partner, Litecast, a manufacturer of concrete beams, Moulded Foams deployed its dedicated design centre to create the innovative blocks. Thermal and compression testing was undertaken internally enabling the business to validate the impressive performance of this innovative system. “This system has been designed to fit accurately around the pre-stressed concrete beam to ensure there is limited cold bridging,” says Nigel commenting on the importance of working closely with Litecast. “We have really benefited from the cross-mergence, synergies and experience of the two businesses working together which has resulted in this great milestone, of having supplied insulated ground floors for over 25,000 homes being reached.”

“This was the first projected milestone, which we have achieved in less than eight years and we see the next goal of 50,000 homes being met in a fraction of the time,” notes Nigel.



Insulated over 25,000 homes


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Moulded Foams achieves BRC Global Standard (Issue 4)



Moulded Foams is delighted to announce the achievement of BRC certification for its manufacturing plant in Cumbernauld. (site registration number 3874064). We are the first EPS producer to achieve such status and this award is a reflection of the organisations continued efforts to become the leading EPS manufacturer for the Fishing Industry in Scotland.

The latest BRC review published in January 2015 is Issue 7 of the standard and customers of Moulded Foams from July 2015, who previously held BRC, can now show compliance with the new standard from July 2015 by teaming up with Moulded Foams who have attained accreditation to Issue 4. (relating to packaging)

The BRC Global Standards are internationally recognised as the market leaders setting the benchmark for good manufacturing practices in food, packaging, storage and distribution, agents and brokers, and consumer products. Certification enables customers to have confidence in their suppliers, and helps suppliers by allowing them to show they are maintaining high standards of safety, quality and legal compliance.

The requirements of Issue 7 of the Standard are an evolution from previous issues, with a continued emphasis on management commitment, a Hazard Analysis and a Critical Control Point (HACCP)-based food safety programme and a supporting quality management system. The objective has been to direct the focus of the audit towards the implementation of good manufacturing practices within the production areas with increased emphasis on areas which have traditionally resulted in recalls and withdrawals.

As of July 2015 BRC review all direct contact packaging as raw material. Our accreditation to Issue 4 greatly assists our clients in meeting the new Issue 7 Standard.

Congratulations to the team in Cumbernauld in raising the bar in relation to quality and customer confidence within the Scottish Fish Industry!




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Moulded Foams acquires Peterhead Box Company


Moulded Foams is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Peterhead Box Company. The Scottish based manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene products and solid board boxes compliments the existing business footprint and is again testimony to our commitment to the local economy. Managing Director John Thornberry commented ” The acquisition of Peterhead Box Ltd is a natural extension of the Moulded Foams business within the UK. It is a good geographical fit with both the existing skills and resources within Moulded Foams and is ideally placed to benefit from investment available within the group. We are delighted that we complete this deal.”

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EPS fish boxes on youtube

From port to plate – expanded polystyrene fish boxes star in the coolest new video on YouTube


 “Expanded polystyrene fish boxes may not be everyone’s choice for a lead role in the movies but the six big UK producers of the coolest container in the fish industry thought it was about time the humble white box was given a chance to take the spotlight”  according to David Emes, Chairman of the British Plastics Federation EPS Group.

With year-on-year production growing by more than 10% – and the UK’s weekly fish consumption predicted to grow from 8 million kg last year to 9.23 million kg by 2030* – the EPS group decided to expose the secret life of the polystyrene fish box and its role in protecting the 657,000 tonnes of fish landed at UK ports and fish farms every year.

“It’s a product that is hardly ever thought about but it’s the perfect packaging because it offers thermal protection as well as impact resistance, light weight and low resource usage. It’s 98% air, stackable, easily sealed and can readily be given a second life at the end of its conventional use” said Emes.

For these reasons, the BPF EPS Group set out to capture in just five minutes a twenty-four hour period in the life of just a few of the 22 million fish boxes which every year keep UK fish and seafood free from damage and  safe from soaring temperatures. Following the boxes from factory to fish farm and from port to plate – and on to recycling – film crews worked in the night hours in places as far apart as Loch Linnhe near Fort William and Brixham Harbour in South Devon. They recorded the landing of the day’s catch, the journey through the processing house and the onward transit to the UK’s major fish markets – they even popped into a top fish restaurant to catch the arrival of the fish box in the professional kitchen.


The film includes scenes shot at dawn at London’s Billingsgate where the ubiquitous fish box is acknowledged by merchants as a critical factor in keeping seafood fresh and safe and thereby reducing food wastage. Billingsgate also leads the way in ensuring that all the fish boxes left over at the end of the day are compacted for recycling.

“Everywhere we went, the EPS fish box was acknowledged as the preferred solution for fish and seafood distribution” said David Emes, “In fact processors, distributors and merchants were bemused but also delighted we were filming the secret life of the fish box.”

Fish box – the movie can be viewed by visiting www.fishboxes.info or directly from Youtube at:



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Boxes are so much stronger!!



Imagine the scenario………………you are looking for an alternative EPS Box, similar size, similar price, similar quality. Simple hey? Well that’s not how a recent search by JPL Shellfish panned out.

I think that the customers comments speak volumes, although our box was slightly different dimensionally…………………………

“Its OK, well will just adjust our packaging weights slightly to accommodate. Your boxes are better quality and more robust, so we would rather use them and adjust our packing methods to suit.”

Quality counts………………………………………



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Moulded Foams obtain ISO14001 Environmental Standard


Moulded Foams are delighted to announce that its Blackwood site has recently been awarded certification to the Environmental standard ISO14001. The site, that was part of a major relocation plan away from its previous location in Tonypandy last year and its relocation are testimony to the businesses’ continued moves forward in assuring the growth, investment and security for all of its employees and customers.

John Thornberry MD quoted……

“We are proud to receive this accreditation, as it further endorses Moulded Foams’ dedication to maintaining the highest standards. This outward demonstration of our commitment to the environment as well as health and safety, represents our long-term focus on excellence and offering the best service possible to all of our customers. Attainment of ISO14001 will also help to ensure that as the company grows, we maintain and implement appropriate environmental policies, continue to reduce and better manage environmental risks, maintain and implement all legal and regulatory requirements, provide cost savings and improve working and operational procedures.”

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Fall Arrest bags for XH558 Vulcan


Moulded Foams are delighted to have been able to assist the continued service of the last remaining flying Avro Vulcan. By donating EPS filled Fall Arrest Bags, the servicing and hanger time can now be completed without the fear of injury from falling whilst the engineers work in the engine bays, bomb door compartments and other parts of this beautiful aircraft.

This is Avro Vulcan XH558 on 1stJuly 1960, painted in “anti-flash” white, during her delivery flight from the factory at Woodford, near Manchester, to RAF Waddington near Lincoln. XH558 was the first Vulcan B.Mk2 to be delivered to the RAF, and she is now the oldest complete Vulcan in the world. Under this, as she lies in Hanger awaiting her next flight with the Fall Arrest bags ready for use.



XH558 relies on constant public support. Many, many, small donations can make a BIG difference. As well as a single payment, why not consider a small donation by Standing Order – just £5.58 a month can help! Only donations can keep this plane flying as it receives no public funding.





Please visit http://www.vulcantothesky.org/donate.html for more info.

For information on our Fall Arrest Bags follow this link : http://insusystems.co.uk/safeguard-system


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Wine Packaging?

Its that time of year again and I have dozens of bottles of wine and champagne to get to my important clients but dont know how to pack them so that they arrive safely and presentable. Can you help?

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