Moulded Foams in conjunction with the British Plastics Federation has embarked on a polystyrene recycling trial with Leeds City Council. The first of its kind, this is a landmark development where an EPS moulder in the UK is teaming up with a major City Council to receive and recycle used expanded polystyrene packaging waste collated at its council recycling site.

Moulded Foams has been successfully recycling EPS waste at all of its plants for many years. David Davies, Operations Director stated ”We produce less than 0.5% waste in our processes and always have an external demand for clean EPS to recycle. We have been trying to encourage supplies for many years with local residents in Scunthorpe, to deposit their household EPS waste into one of our recycling bins located at our front gate. This has been a great success but we can use much greater quantities if forward thinking councils could consolidate supplies at recycling centres.

We are delighted to assist the BPF and Leeds City Council in recycling EPS back into useful products, in for example the construction industry for insulation for UK homes. We would encourage other councils to get in touch with the BPF to recycle EPS into products which can provide a valuable service in our homes for many years”.