Construction Systems

Expanded Polystyrene for Construction Industry Applications

Expanded Polystyrene is an incredibly flexible material that is widely used within the Construction Industry. As pressures increase politically, environmentally & socially for zero carbon sustainable housing, the Construction Industry is now realising the potential of EPS as a preferred long term solution to new increasingly demanding building regulations.

The Government announced in December of 2005 that 3 million new houses are to be built in the UK alone by the year 2020. In conjunction with ever increasing energy prices, rising temperatures and growing CO2 emissions, there is an immediate need to fully optimise the thermal performance of all these new dwellings.

As the Construction Industry focuses on these issues with the growing demands on output for both masonry and concrete products, EPS is now accepted as a key material to support the attainment of both thermal performance and the speed of build that will be required in order to meet these new demands. Please click on the Construction tool bar above to look at how Moulded Foams is supporting and developing new products and technologies within this sector.


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