EPS Fusion Meter

Automatic Fusion Check System

Moulded Foams is pleased to announce the completion and installation of the first automatic fusion check system. The system is now installed and running in its Salmon Box production line in Cumbernauld and is believed to be a first for the Salmon Industry.

The system has envolved 8 months of internal hardware and software development which measures the fusion level inline post-moulding of every EPS base produced.

The initiative is a response to customers who seek a proof of performance from manufacture at all times of manufacture. Historically the industry has relied on visual inspection and random physical testing which can fall short of a proof that all product complies with a minimum standard.

Every salmon box is measured for a precentage of fusion, assessed to be above a set action level thresholds and automatically recorded with date time produced. Data is collated to build up a Knowledge Base of all factors affecting the critical quality measure and used to further refine the process.


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