Moulded Foams are delighted to have been able to assist the continued service of the last remaining flying Avro Vulcan. By donating EPS filled Fall Arrest Bags, the servicing and hanger time can now be completed without the fear of injury from falling whilst the engineers work in the engine bays, bomb door compartments and other parts of this beautiful aircraft.

This is Avro Vulcan XH558 on 1stJuly 1960, painted in “anti-flash” white, during her delivery flight from the factory at Woodford, near Manchester, to RAF Waddington near Lincoln. XH558 was the first Vulcan B.Mk2 to be delivered to the RAF, and she is now the oldest complete Vulcan in the world. Under this, as she lies in Hanger awaiting her next flight with the Fall Arrest bags ready for use.

XH558 relies on constant public support. Many, many, small donations can make a BIG difference. As well as a single payment, why not consider a small donation by Standing Order – just £5.58 a month can help! Only donations can keep this plane flying as it receives no public funding.

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