Moulded Foams working with Litecast and our other T beam partners, has finalised developments and is ready to launch the next evolution of Gdeck™. GdeckEMP is a single piece insulation for insulated T beam systems.
The new system further increases the speed and safety of installation. A key feature of the new GdeckEMP is the reinforcement provided by embedded micro piles, made from ABS. The ABS micro piles are moulded in to the EPS and when installed sit centrally onto the pre-stressed concrete T beams. One micro pile has the equivalent strength of EPS 1500 and is 10 times stronger than normal top sheet systems.
Fully certified following extensive load tests and site trials, GdeckEMP introduces over the beam insulation which no longer limits the flooring load bearing capacity of beams. Each micro pile is capable of carrying over 1000kgs without visible signs of fatigue. Other EPS systems place limitations on the load capabilities whereas GdeckEMP removes these issues and reverts any load capability back to the concrete beam. The floor strength is now only limited to the beam strength.



The Micro-piles are colour coded to align with installation drawings and are clearly visible from above. A simple photograph therefore proves that the install is correct against the drawing and as with the original concept of Gdeck™, no taping or gapping issues occur on-site. No weak, partly laid floors to navigate on-site and easy extraction from above for service inspection is standard.
Rigorous testing confirms that the system will outperform all beam and EPS systems currently available in the market; expecting to support line loads of up to 10Kn/m, cross wall loads of up to 8kN/m and point loads of up to 6kN, all with maximum beam spans.



This single panel solution will be easier than ever to install, allowing a precise and tight fit over the header of the beams with no secondary fixing. GdeckEMP is designed to be easily removable for inspections and eradicates the need for connecting pieces, or the two layer approach of top-sheet systems. GdeckEMP is designed to be the strongest fastest install solution for a thermal ground floor.

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