June 2013

Moulded Foams obtain ISO14001 Environmental Standard


Moulded Foams are delighted to announce that its Blackwood site has recently been awarded certification to the Environmental standard ISO14001. The site, that was part of a major relocation plan away from its previous location in Tonypandy last year and its relocation are testimony to the businesses’ continued moves forward in assuring the growth, investment and security […]

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Boxes are so much stronger!!


Imagine the scenario………………you are looking for an alternative EPS Box, similar size, similar price, similar quality. Simple hey? Well that’s not how a recent search by JPL Shellfish panned out.

I think that the customers comments speak volumes, although our box was slightly different dimensionally…………………………

“Its OK, well will just adjust our packaging weights slightly to accommodate. Your […]

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April 2013

Fall Arrest bags for XH558 Vulcan


Moulded Foams are delighted to have been able to assist the continued service of the last remaining flying Avro Vulcan. By donating EPS filled Fall Arrest Bags, the servicing and hanger time can now be completed without the fear of injury from falling whilst the engineers work in the engine bays, bomb door compartments and […]

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